Personalised Engraved Crayola Pencils


A set of high quality Crayola® colored pencils, personalised for you with an engraved name - perfect to keep supplies from getting lost!

2 options available, a 12 pack, or a 24 pack.

12 pencils including black, white, red, red orange, orange, yellow, yellow green, green, sky blue, blue, violet and brown.

24 pencils including black, white, gray, brown, light brown, tan, peach, pink, magenta, violet, blue, light blue, sky blue, aqua green, green, jade green, yellow green, yellow, golden yellow, yellow orange, orange, red orange, red, mahogany.

> Each name is laser engraved in capital letters to the end of each pencil.
> Supplied in the Crayola® cardboard box.
> Pre-sharpened.
> Non toxic and preferred by teachers!