Pink Fashion Doll Inspired Necklace

Chain type

Life in plastic is fantastic! Especially when its a pink eco friendly necklace!

Is there a birthday approaching or If you're hosting a  party at your Dreamhouse, this is the PERFECT small gift, party bag accessory, or even a stocking filler!

Inspired by Ryan Gosling's necklace from the movie Premiere!

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  • Approximately 2.5cm high and 2.5cm wide 0.7cm deep
  • 45cm necklace chain, gold or silver

Not designed to be a toy
Please keep out of direct sunlight.

All products are designed and manufactured in Kent.

They are sustainably 3D printed using PLA, a plant-based plastic derived from renewable resources such as sugarcane and corn starch.

Our PLA is supplied on recyclable cardboard spools and a tree is planted for every roll used!

Our packaging is a mix of sustainable boxes and resources like tissue paper or gift bags that can be recycled and/or reused.